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Although it's our goal to help all authors with their projects, there are times when we do not feel we are a good match or cannot meet the desire deadline.  Should either of these things happen, we will decline the request.

By commissioning any or all of these services, you agree to the descriptions of each service on the home page.

Work commissioned will be completed within a reasonable period of time which will be desided upon between the author and and stored in an email.  Should there be an issue with completion of the work within that time frame, the author will receive written notice via email and a  time solution will be found. 

Full Refunds are permitted until five days from the date the work request is authorized via an email.  In the event that a refund is required after that five days, it will be prorated at's descrition.


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Hello author! 

I'm thrilled to be able to assist you with bringing your story to life so that you can share it with the world. 

One of the things that I learned early as a  traditionally published author was the importance of doing my absolute best to edit my work before it is sent to the editor.  I assumed that, since I was working with a publishing company, the editor would make no mistakes and my work would shine.  Sadly, that wasn't the case and now I have reviews that will forever stick with one book in particular that complains about the poor editing. I was given an opportunity by the publishing company to review the work one more time and correct any editing mistakes that might have slipped past the human eyes of their editors, but I didn't act upon it.  I simply assumed...

We must always remember that we are actual humans doing the work and, although our sincere best is provided, the possibility of something slipping through the cracks must be acknowledged.  If you want the absolute best for your readers...always, always, always check your work both before yous send it to the editor and then after it is returned to you. Finding as many mistakes as you can on your own lowers the risk of new eyes missing something!  The way that I do this is I write a chapter and then review it before I write the next chapter.  This allows me to not only catch typos but I am also able to do line and content editing.  In the old days, my editors found more mistakes than I care to admit.  Now, with this method of writing and reviewing, only two (2) typeos were found in my most recent 70,000 word award winning release.  That's a huge difference!
A traditional printed book next to a new e-book, symbolizing the current battle and comparison readers make between choosing a book in old-fashion print vs electronic media
We're Excited About Working With You!